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Returnable packaging materials and transport items are valuable items that are used in transport and logistics to transport goods safely and efficiently. Annually, between 4% and 8% of these reusable load carriers are lost. The costs of this loss can be serious for businesses. Read more about the risks associated with reusable packaging and its management here. Take part in one of our events or webinars to learn more about the benefits and risks, and to receive practical advice on packaging management.

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Webinar with IPP

Multi-use packaging is often overlooked within supply chains. This is a shame, because if you handle these assets properly, you can realize significant savings and achieve a major efficiency boost. In order to make more people aware of this fact, we participated in our partner IPP Pooling’s webinar during the Week of Logistics, to discuss multi-use packaging.

During this webinar, we discussed the pooling model for multi-use packaging, the management, registration and administration of transport items, and the transparency of costs within the packaging flows. This session was a great success! We have received many positive responses and are looking forward to sharing our knowledge even more.

Did you miss the webinar? No problem: You can now watch it here for free!


Webinars & Events


Odyssey Momentum 2020

In 2019, Ernst Tjaden came in contact with TVM, the leading insurer for transport and logistics, about multiple-use packaging and the problems involved. TVM sees the problems and high costs associated with loss, theft and damage – which means that reuse is no longer possible – of packaging in the sector. This costs transporters € 150.000 to € 3.000.000 per year. In addition, replacing the crates, trolleys and pallets has major environmental impact.

TVM has brought various parties in the sector together to see if there are solutions that will help the chain. Tconsult, TVM, Container Centralen, Koninklijke van der Slot Transport and Royal Flora Holland have joined forces to offer this packaging challenge through the Odyssey Hackathon.


The overall challenge

The packaging challenge of the collective stakeholders is to gain insight into the transport items in the entire chain, to make clear agreements about returnable transport items and to record where the responsibility of the packaging lies at what time.

Multi-use packaging may seem simple, but it has to deal with many factors. It can cost more or less than the entire product to be transported and ownership can lie with the carrier, manufacturer or retailer. One solution does not suit everyone in the chain, and the interests of the stakeholders in the supply chain are also different. The biggest challenge is: who has which responsibility at what time.

The solution should benefit all chain partners to which the stakeholders should commit. It must yield cost benefits, environmentally friendly and it must produce an unambiguous system of agreements.


The winning solution

During the weekend, various teams were busy devising and building a solution. The stakeholders held feedback rounds with the participating teams and provided tips on which solution direction would best suit the sector.

OVSoftware has become the ultimate winner, by providing the most suitable solution for all stakeholders. OVSoftware has developed a protocol using blockchain technology. The data is shared between collaborators of the protocol, but the provider determines the degree of sensitive information and the data is also not stored on the blockchain. The protocol contains a data model that describes the type of information that can be exchanged.

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Webinars & Events

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