Mapping multi-use packaging flows – Consultancy by Tconsult

1 December 2020

Our consultants at Tconsult have expertise in the field of multi-use packaging and load carriers, and provide various services for this. Through audits, workshops and (logistics) consultancy processes, we can map out the transport items of companies and streamline the processes surrounding them. Below we give an example of one of the companies that we offered our consulting services to. This family run company has been active in the food industry for many years and produces snacks and fish products, among other things.

Beginning in 2018, multi-use packaging started to become more important in the industry and within the company, and the awareness around this topic grew. For many companies, the packaging flows are a complicated phenomenon and there was also a desire within the company in question to gain a better understanding of this. They then commissioned Tconsult to map out the packaging flows within their business and provide practical advice on short- and long-term multi-use packaging management.


Packaging and logistics consultancy

At Tconsult, we offer our customers tailor-made logistics solutions and we specialize in multi-use packaging and optimizing the packaging processes. This includes identifying packaging flows and hidden costs, or an annual check of the packaging administration. We always start with an introduction, after which is decided whether a consulting process will be started.

During a consultancy process, our consultants talk to different people from different levels of the company. This allows us to make a clear business analysis and risk inventory. Subsequently, the packaging flows are examined with an independent view and the risks are identified. This way we come to a concrete and sustainable solution that will help companies for a longer period of time.


Multi-use packaging consultancy in practice

Because of the diversity of the products that they deal with within the company, they use many different types of packaging. Based on employee interviews and other data supplied by the company, Tconsult was able to determine that a total of 30 different types of packaging are in use. In addition, the types and quantities also changed based on the seasons, so mapping out the types and flows requires a fair amount of time and effort. In the past three years, the use of reusable packaging, otherwise known as transport items with a higher purchase value that can be used more often, has greatly increased compared to previous years. This is in part due to the acquisitions of various companies in this period, and to the growth in turnover. A real logistical maze, but our consultants found the way out.


The Tconsult-method

Using the Value-at-Risk method developed by Tconsult, our consultants found that the problem was related to a number of factors. For example, it was important that one person was put “in control” of the incoming and outgoing packaging flows. If this isn’t the case, it’s difficult to gain insight into the packaging properties, balances and the value of items. Based on this risk analysis, Tconsult determined that it was necessary to adjust the packaging processes to avoid unnecessary costs.

Our consultants developed personal advice for the short and long term. The step-by-step implementation of these suggestions makes it feasible to introduce lasting positive change. Thanks to Tconsult’s solutions, the company now has a much better grip on packaging. In addition, any packaging losses are counteracted and the company turnover is increased.


The future of multi-use packaging

Despite the fact that multi-use packaging is still overlooked in most supply chains, the awareness is growing by the day. Companies consider improving the processes and implementing digital applications, such as the packaging administration and registration app TellApe. Read one of our other cases for more of our knowledge sharing and customer experiences. We are also happy to discuss the packaging flows within your company, while enjoying a (digital) cup of coffee.

Is your company dealing with loss of packaging? Or are you interested in packaging and logistics consultancy? Feel free to contact Tconsult and we’ll send one of our consultants to take a look at the logistics processes.


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