Load carrier services


Risk assessment

In the risk assessment we look with two consultants on how the load carrier flows within the company and what risks the company runs. For this we have developed our own VAR (Value at risk). In order to get the best possible picture of the organization, we conduct discussion with various stakeholders in the company. The company agreements are examined and contract agreements are verified. This makes it clear where the company has the biggest risks with load carriers. At the end of the risk assessment we present the report with our findings.


Support at bottlenecks

In the risk assessment, several points are identified for improvements in the load carrier flows. Our consultants have years of experience with the load carrier process. They help you to make agreements about the balance responsibility and contractual agreements with counterparts. The working procedures are agreed with external parties and with internal employees. If desired, all load carrier starting balances are also adjusted so that a benchmark is set.



Once all load carrier flows have been identified, established and implemented, we can help you with a periodic control. In different risk areas and bottlenecks are tested to see if this works according to agreements. A report is delivered with the findings and recommendations if applicable.

Our ideal approach

The ideal approach would be to get a workshop and then do the risk assessment. After the workshop and risk assessment, there is very good insights into the risks that the company runs. Many companies often choose to support the bottlenecks by our consultants. They have more influence on employees under the guise of forcing strange eyes. If necessary, a suitable tool will be chosen to guarantee the load carrier administration. In order to keep the load carrier process in control we recommend the audit. If all mentioned points are purchased, the chance of losing load carriers are minimized.

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