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Business processes

Our load carrier consultant can help you with the expertise that you don’t have in your company, but also an independent view or a different view of the business situation can be very useful. Our consultants look at your internal business situation as an external personal. Our consultants do not suffer from prejudice, sensitive information or political issues that may arise within the company. Tconsult would like to help you with an objective look at your load carrier processes so that you can innovate too.



Tconsult helps with the design, analysis, improvement and control of load carrier processes. Tconsult can advise on various elements within the supply chain and help make efficiency improvements. We will consult you with the people who are responsible, but will also look in the workplace to get a complete picture. With a workshop the load carrier problem is mapped out, after which the consultancy process can start. Our consultants are trained and work according to lean six sigma theory.


Consultancy process

During the consultancy process, our consultants talk to different links within the company to make a clear business analysis and a risk inventory. We always do this with two consultants with the motto; two hear more than one. This is the most important step within the process. Tconsult has years of experience with consultancy processes at logistics companies and can now call itself an expert in this. We work according to a standard step-by-step plan and follow the Lean Six Sigma method. The consultancy process is divided into different steps where a separate quotation can be drawn up; identify and map the problem, analyse the possible solutions, implement the desired solution.

Our approach

The first introduction starts with a cup of coffee. If it is decided to go into the consultancy process, we will organize a workshop to further expose the problem. After the workshop there is a clear picture of the problem with management. The risk assessment phase then starts. Our consultants will then speak with different links within the company in the workplace to see how the processes work in practice. If necessary, we also conduct with external stakeholders, such as suppliers and customers. At the end of the risk assessment we present the advisory report with our findings and possibly an action plan. As a company, you make the choise yourself what and when to tackle things. Tconsult helps and supports with the implementation of the action plan in your company. To ensure that you keep your load carrier processes in control in the future, we can perform periodic audits.

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Do you need help with optimizing load carrier flows? Can you use an independent view of the company or do you just not get the information from your employees that you would like to have? Tconsult helps you to get the right information and thereby optimize your load carrier process. We like to drink a cup of coffee to get acquainted and possibly to discuss the next steps.

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