Logistic consultancy

6 February 2018

Logistic consultancy

A consultant is an expert or professional who gives independent advice to companies. Logistic consultancy can be active in various fields and can be of great importance in transport and logistics. Not every company can have the same amount of expertise or experience in every area of transport and logistics. The smaller the company, the more expertise can be obtained from outside. But large companies can also benefit from consultancy by gaining an independent view of the business situation.

A consultant can focus on different aspects in the supply chain. A logistics company can optimize the flow of goods, information flow, money flow or other areas within the company.

The consultant looks at the internal company situation from the view of an external person. As a result, the consultant suffers less from prejudices, sensitive information or political issues that occur within the company. The deployment of a consultant often leads to a lower personal and / or organizational risk.

The consultant helps to design, improve and control processes. After this initial process, an advice is issued: which business processes must be taken care of in what way the problems can be solved, in order to achieve the best result. If the need exists within a company, the consultant can also help with the implementation, coordination and supervision of the project.

Expertice Tconsult

Ernst Tjaden, the founder of Tconsult, has many years of experience as a consultant. His greatest expertise is the packaging flows within an organization. He developed this expertise of packaging flows during his work as a location manager at Ranzijn. Ernst did several experiments to improve the packaging flows. His expertise in packaging originates from seeing and experiencing how packaging moves through the company. This and the wide view over the logistic chain makes Ernst an expert in consultancy.

In addition to packaging flows, Ernst has now also many years of experience with physical documents. CMR documents are the most important documents in transport because all agreements are record in this document. In the logistic market raised the questions to print, scan, process and archive documents directly. As a solution to this problem Ernst developed Scangaroo, Print Panther, TellApe and RTI solution.

The consultancy process starts with making a business analysis. This is the most important step in the process. With an incomplete business analysis a wrong step is easily made. This can be fatal for the results. Because of his experience, Ernst is able to make a complete company analysis by a workshop.

After the business analysis, one or more bottlenecks arise within the company that needs to be tackled. Together there will be made a time schedule for the process to a perfect solution.


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