Who is Ernst Tjaden ?

Quote: “Keep IT simple!“

Ernst Tjaden


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A story that I like to tell you! I did a Economics study in beautiful Amsterdam, which ensured that I worked at Ranzijn. Here I was responsible for the ‘green’, in short the purchase, logistics and sale of plants. This work brought me to the flower auction, where I first came in contact with packaging. From that moment on, that was what I focused on, the cost item packaging. Eventually I became such an expert in this subject that I decided to help others with that; in short, the birth of Tconsult.


Direct assistance when it comes to packaging registration, logistics flows and efficiency issues. I like to share my practical experience by turning issues into a simple solution. With thinking in solutions I have already helped many companies.


I am sailing outside office hours! With my own boat I like to sail through the canals of Amsterdam. Bad weather? Then I am probably drinking a drink with friends or am I on the hockey field!


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