Scan directly in the truck

Scangaroo is an application with which compact document scanners can be controlled on on-board computers, tablets and smartphones in trucks and trucks. Bills of lading, CMR, Lieferschein, delivery notes, packing vouchers and other documents that are used during transport can be scanned directly onto a compact document scanner using the Scangaroo application at the moment of loading or unloading.


Administration flows

In this way information about loading and unloading is real-time available for the transporter. The carrier can quickly pass on the scanned information to the client, the loading address and the separate address. Logistic administration can be updated immediately. Invoicing can take place immediately afterwards and packaging administration is in order. In addition to the deployment of Scangaroo in transport and logistics, the app is also used in other sectors in other locations to scan documents directly.


All supplies

Tconsult not only supplies the scanning solution but also the necessary hardware. If required, we provide the necessary hardware for the scanning solution. The total solution consists of the scanner, cables, telephone, tablet or on-board computer. Ask for all possibilities!

Curious what we can do for you?

Tconsult like to help you to optimize your business processes. Direct after signing the CMR document your administration up-to-date at the office? Never lose your delivery notes and tank receipt and other important documents. You can scan directly your documents in the truck to never lose an important document. With the advanced mobile scan solution Scangaroo you can up-date your administration always and everywhere.



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