Print Panther


Print directly in the truck

There are various brands of printers with which mobile printing can be done using brand-own software. These applications are often somewhat outdated: installation is difficult and the application is separate from all other systems of the customer. The use of a brand-own application is, as it were, an extra link in the provision of information. Print Panther is the solution! The application can be installed on any device and easy to use. The application connects via USB, Wifi or bluetooth to the printer and directly prints the necessary files. An easier, more flexible connection between head office and driver does not exist!


Administration flows

It appears more and more that transport companies have to pass on a change to the driver at the last minute. In order to make the process clear, structured and complete, the changes must be immediately printed in the truck. Print Panther has been developed to make this flexibility possible for all links in the logistics chain.


All supplies

Tconsult not only supplies the print solution but also the necessary hardware. If required, we provide the necessary hardware for the printing solution. The total solution consists of the printer, cables, telephone, tablet or on-board computer. Ask for all possibilities!

Curious what we can do for you?

Tconsult like to help you to optimize your business processes. With Print Panther you have always access to the right documents at any time. Direct the last CMR or delivery note in the truck to keep your administration up-to-date. With the advanced mobile solution, Print Panther is it possible to have your administration up-to-date any time any where.



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