The advantages of the load carrier audit

21 July 2020

Have packaging flows checked periodically with the load carrier audit. Load carriers, also known as multi-use packaging or returnable transport items. Tconsult is the independent specialist in the field of load carrier management. Tconsult’s business consultants have years of experience with supply chain management and optimization. Tconsult has developed a load carrier audit to help companies with the control of the load carrier process. The audit shows businesses where they perform well and where the company can still grow. The report contains concrete results and advice that the company can implement right away.

What is a load carrier audit?

An audit is a one-time or periodic check on a specific part of a company. This includes conducting an investigation into the load carrier process, a registration and administration check and providing an audit report with the findings.

The load carrier audit can be conducted at any type of company. Our consultants dive into the load carrier process and review the operations with a critical eye. A mandatory intake will take place prior to the audit, unless you have undergone our consulting process at an earlier stage.

The audit can be done periodically, for example once a quarter, once every six months or every year. A one-time audit is also an option.

What does the load carrier audit involve?

During the intake, we first examine the load carrier process and the associated registration method. We check if there is an overview of how many quantities of load carriers are owned by the company and how many are in the rented pool. Finally, our business consultants examine how load carriers are registered and whether all types of load carriers are included.

After the intake, we start conducting the checks and crosschecks on the load carrier process. The consultants will dive into the internal and external control processes and carry out physical checks. We look at how load carrier transactions take place and how these transactions are registered. The agreements with counterparties are identified, along with any financial consequences. The consultants also look at the purchase and sales orders and how the load carriers are included. Does the company’s administration execute financial checks and how are they done?


At the end of the audit, the scores are summarized in a report. This report describes for each audit check what the improvements are compared to a previous audit and where the company is still at risk. With the hands-on report, the company can implement changes right away so that they can show improvements in the next audit.

The advantages of the load carrier audit

Some of the advantages of the load carrier audit developed by Tconsult:

  • Independent view of external consultants
  • Risks identified in the load carrier process
  • Objectively cross-checks on the load carrier process on the physical and financial administration
  • A report with recommendations for improvements

Are you interested in the audit or do you have any questions about the audit? We are happy to tell you more. Get in touch with us!

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