Packaging administration – where is your stock?

16 November 2017

Packaging administration

During the year you have several periods that boost your sales, Christmas, Easter, Ascension day, Mother’s day, Father’s day. For many companies it means work pressure and movements in goods and packaging. Both the importer and the exporter have busy times with high speed revenue. To bring these goods from A to B, packaging is used.

Packaging, what about it?

Packaging products are also referred to as returnable transport items (RTI) within the logistics. The RTI’s are expensive and is part of the packaging industry. Everything that carries loads can be placed in the category packaging such as: pallets, carts, containers, crates, boxes, trays, trolleys, racks, bottles, boxes, buckets, etc.. There is a difference between one-off packaging and reusable packaging. With one-off packaging such as boxes and buckets, the costs of the packaging are passed on in the product price. Multi-use packaging is usually charged with a deposit. By reusable administration is meant bottles, crates, casks, pallets, carts, containers and the like.

For reusable packaging you pay deposit fees, after returning the RTI goes back to the supplier you get the deposit back. The packaging deposit is low and circulation speed is high. Nevertheless, it is a big challenge to have packaging at the right place at the right time and not to lose the packaging.

Innovations in transport.

There is increasing attention and focus on green and smart logistics. There are many innovations that focus on the optimization of logistics processes. More and more companies see the importance of the insights in the logistics processes. Whether this is financial information, stock management or packaging management, the interest is more and more visible. Do you register everything what comes in and goes out? The necessity became visible during the crisis and still is necessary because companies don’t want to go bankrupt.

Packaging is an increasing point of interest within a logistical organization, but this involves large amounts of money. You have two options for packaging, you can buy or rent the packaging. Each piece of the same category is uniform, there is no logo, barcode or track-and-trace. It is therefore impossible to know if your own packaging items are returned.

The logistics sector is increasingly aware of the fact that packaging deserves attention. After all, this involves a large amount of money. There are a number of smart technological solutions on the market to register and administrate the packaging. For example, various apps have been developed to exchange the data immediately with the office or headquarters, the customer and the transporter. This makes communication flows within transport an logistics much faster.

The benefits of increasing the flow:

  • You can check faster if everything is done as admitted by appointment
  • You can correct and adjust faster if something has gone wrong.
  • The handling can take place faster
  • Cost savings through the fast information flows.

In short, enough advantages to look at innovations in transport and logistics.

Tconsult is a consultancy firm that’s specialized in the packaging process. Often more benefit profits can be gained for a transporter, exporter or grower in registering, maintaining and optimizing logistic processes and administration. The challenge of the company is unrevealed with a workshop. Tconsult had developed various solutions during the years of experience, in order to support the customer in different processes.

Are you curious how Tconsult can help your company with the administrative and logistical processes? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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