Newsletter Tconsult – Winter 2019: An eventful year

20 November 2019

It is almost Christmas, which means that the start of a new year is coming. A great moment to look back on the past year with the Tconsult Winter 2019 Newsletter. 

In this newsletter:

  • Tconsult as a consultancy agency
  • Consultancy services
  • The latest blogs
  • New employee Marjolein Bloem


Tconsult as a consultancy agency

In the past year we overlooked our strategy of consultancy, Scangaroo, Print Panther and TellApe. The umbrella of Tconsult was designed in 2017, with Tconsult as a consultancy agency. The products Print Panther, Scangaroo and TellApe can emerge as possible solutions from a consultancy project. To give these products a podium, each product is given it’s own website in 2018. The Tconsult website was converted into a consultancy website. Tconsult specializes in load carrier consultancy. We have tried to clearly describe this on the website of Tconsult. 


Consultancy services

We developed this year a number of services to give more body to the consultancy agency. These services help companies to optimize their packaging processes. 

Tconsult made it’s own risk assessment. During the risk assessment we look with two consultants at the packaging flows within the company and identify where the company have risks. For this we have made our own VaR, value at risk

A number of points for improvement emerge from the risk assessment to reduce and minimize the loss of packaging. Tconsult can, among other things, help to make the agreements about balance responsibility and contractual agreements with counterparts. 

Once the packaging flows have been identified and implemented, we can help you with a periodic control. We run some tests in different risk areas and bottlenecks. 

Want to know more or are you interested? Get in touch with us!


The newest blogs

We like to share knowledge with our (potential) customers. To share our expertise, we write blogs and articles about the market and our products and services. You can find these blogs on our website. Read our latest blogs here

  • Consultancy – integral approach with a new customer 
  • Logistic solutions 
  • 5 consequences of the Brexit for the transport sector 


New employee Marjolein Bloem 

Marjolein Bloem joined Tconsult in early October to strengthen the sales team. She will be involved on a daily basis processing orders, supporting our customers and selling the products. We wish Marjolein good luck at Tconsult.


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