Newsletter Tconsult – Summer 2019: Consultancy at Bakkers Brigade

23 July 2019

Tconsult: Consultancy at Bakkers Brigade

Tconsult has undergone many changes in the recent period. The following topics will be covered in our Tconsult Summer 2019 newsletter:

  • New blogs and cases
  • Consultancy: what can you expect
  • The composition of the new Tconsult team.
  • Consultancy process at Bakkers Brigade

Blogs & cases

We like to share knowledge with our (potential) customers. To share our expertise, we have written blogs about the market and our products / services. You can find these blogs on our website. Is there a subject that you would like to see highlighted? Let us know. 


Consultancy: what can you expect

‘Consultancy’ is really a catch-all term. So, what can you expect? Tconsult investigates and assesses logistics processes from the view of the load carriers. With the insight we have in the process of load carriers we map the entire logistic chain. Our consultants provide you with advice, to minimize operational and financial risks. Tconsult helps to convert the advice into concrete actions. The result is that the customer can regain control of their returnable transport items and logistics flows. The improvements within the process and the management of load carriers can also make positive contributions towards stakeholders. Finally, there are also additional benefits, for example:

  • Improvement in your working capital;
  • Reduction of your production disruptions; 
  • Increasement of your delivery reliability;
  • Improvement of your financing options.

Last March (2019) our consultants made an inventory of the returnable transport item flow at Bakkers Brigade BV. The consultancy process has led to new insights at Bakkers Brigade. Read more here. 

Tconsult’s team

Geert Kuiper, former owner of a Transport company has joined Tconsult as a consultant (Lean Six sigma certified) and as a business developer for TellApe. Geert started focusing on innovation and optimization in logistics, after the sale of his company. He was immediately enthusiastic about the TellApe: a product that records and administers packaging. After Geert’s arrival, Niels Stalenberg has also joined the team as an account manager. Niels is responsible for the sale of Scangaroo, Print Panther and TellApe. He builds relationships with Tconsult’s partners as well. His goal is to provide the best service to existing and new customers. The last one gained is Joey Fremouw. He will be involved with (online) ‘marketing’ of the Scangaroo & Print Panther products daily. To achieve this goal, Joey is working on increasing (online) brand awareness and creating relevant content with the right online market approach. 


Consultancy at Bakkers Brigade

Companies use load carriers to transport goods from A to B and invest a lot of capital in returnable transport items. Our business consultants (with a background in transport and logistics) are experts in the field of returnable transport items administration.

Bakers Brigade profile

Bakkers Brigade is a fast-growing organization with annual revenue of around 25 million euros. The production is arranged from Ouderkerk a / d Amstel. The distribution center is in Sloterdijk, Amsterdam and they have 9 hubs spread throughout the Netherlands. Bakkers Brigade is active in the foodservice market and is Dutch market leader. They supply bread and pastry to caterers. Bakkers Brigade realizes more than 8,000 stops per week to deliver bread and pastries throughout the Netherlands within the set delivery time. That is a challenging operation. Furthermore, other companies are increasingly making use of the strong logistics network of Bakkers Brigade.

Returnable transport items administration

The revenue of Bakkers Brigade has grown considerably over the last few years. The purchase from suppliers has grown by the fact that Bakkers Brigade increased the number of customers. 

To achieve the growth, substantial amounts have been invested in crates and dollies. Nevertheless, there was still a need to purchase new load carriers for Bakkers Brigade. The Bakkers Brigade did request Tconsult to plot the load carrier process. With the plot of the load carrier process, the financial risks became clear. 

The execution

Based on our internally developed ‘value at risk’ analysis (VAR), we conducted a risk assessment at Bakkers Brigade. The most important hubs have been visited. Various operational processes have been reviewed and there where interviews with employees.

Based on the gained insights in processes, we described specific risks and recommendation in the requested report.  Bakkers brigade gained new insights into their organization, logistic processes and in their load carriers.


Consultancy requests

Our business consultants offer tools for innovative and smart solutions in logistics by helping with the design, analysis, improvement and control of processes. The business consultants of Tconsult have years of experience with supply chain management. We always look for the best suitable solution for your company.

Does your company have logistic challenges? Geert Kuiper and Ernst Tjaden are happy to help you with new insights in your business processes.



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