Newsletter Tconsult – Spring 2020: A new decade focused on growth

7 February 2020

At Tconsult, we are working hard to expand and improve our services. By always putting innovation first and entering into new, interesting partnerships, we hope to be able to continue to grow in the coming ten years and help our customers even more. In the Tconsult Spring 2020 Newsletter, we’ll reflect on the past year and we will give you a taste of what’s to come in 2020.

In this newsletter:

  1. Integration with Epson
  2. The pitfalls of photo apps
  3. Partnering with Mercedes
  4. Tconsult goes international
  5. New ties

Integration with Epson

In 2019, we entered into a partnership with Epson for our app Print Panther. The compact, mobile WF-110W printer is wireless, lightweight, has an automatic document feeder and can print in four sizes. Print Panther allows you to print documents anytime, anywhere. This saves drivers valuable time and effort during their journey. The printer and app have various integration options, providing as many carriers as possible with their printing needs.

The pitfalls of photo apps

Why do things the hard way when you can do them the easy way? A few years ago, we developed Scangaroo, a scanning solution by Tconsult meant to speed up the logistical process. Scangaroo enables users to scan documents quickly, easily and everywhere. This benefits the supply chain by optimizing the transaction process and making it possible for important documents to be returned to the administration immediately. This speeds up processing times and customers can immediately be helped on their way again.

Various photo apps have also been developed over time that are supposed to make this possible. However, using these apps has more disadvantages than advantages:

  1. Scanning ensures high quality and consistency in the copies
  2. Photo apps are unreliable and more difficult to use
  3. Photo apps require more of your time and attempts to capture the documents 

Do you wish to learn more about the advantages of scanning compared to photocopies? Click here for our blog about scanning versus photo apps.

Partnering with Mercedes

Ernst Tjaden, founder and consultant at Tconsult, has been in talks with Mercedes for several years. Recently, Mercedes started developing a new app store for their on-board computers and they also had contact with Ernst during this development. Together they discussed the possibility of including Tconsult’s apps in this app store. After many discussions, the agreements have finally been made official and we’re excited to announce that our Scangaroo solution will soon be available in the Fleetboard app store! We are very proud of this new opportunity and we are also looking forward to what else the collaboration with Mercedes might bring. We also hope to be able to offer more of our solutions in the MB Truck App Portal in the future.

Tconsult goes international

By providing our solutions in more and more languages, we have gradually been able to enter the international market. Our various apps are now available in Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, among others. However, we naturally want to be able to offer our services in even more countries. We are therefore always open to new connections abroad or proposals to expand our language portfolio. In addition to this, we try to make as many contributions as possible to international events and exhibitions. Furthermore, we have been working together with various resellers from Canon and Epson based abroad. If you have any other suggestions or tips to increase our globalization, you can always contact us!

New ties

Last month our team gained a new member. Starting this year, Kristen Thomas will focus on the marketing for Tconsult and its solutions. On behalf of the Tconsult and TellApe team, we wish Kristen lots of success and enjoyment with her new job as marketer. In the coming period, we’re hoping to stimulate the growth of our company with appealing marketing stories and a strong sales team.

It’s also our goal to reach as many customers as possible and help them with our services. We hope to do so by entering into partnerships and working with interesting businesses. Are you curious about what the partner program entails or are you looking for a mutually beneficial collaboration? Feel free to take a look at our partner page or contact us directly.


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