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6 June 2018

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  • 5 years of Scangaroo
  • Spigraph – Wesley Koekkoek
  • Packaging flows visualized!
  • Scangaroo user Messer speaking
  • GDPR

5 years of Scangaroo

Last March we had a big celebration at Tconsult: the 5 years of existence of Scangaroo! Our app for scanning documents in the truck. We celebrated the birthday of Scangaroo by bringing our partners and customers a cake!

We really enjoyed bringing the cake to everyone personally and hope that the cake tasted good!

Spigraph – Wesley Koekkoek

Spigraph our permanent supplier of document scanners. Spigraph is able to offer unique benefits to partners, such as Tconsult, thanks to the international reach of Spigraph and high-quality portfolio with high-quality services. Tconsult and Spigraph work closely together, with big scanner deals Spigraph deliver directly and fast the needed scanners. In addition to providing scanners, Spigraph add value to Tconsult’s international growth ambitions by sharing and developing local sales expertise. From early FebruaryWesley Koekkoek is promoting Scangaroo for Tconsult in Belgium. Every Thursday Wesley and Mustafa, our account manager, call potential prospects together to develop the international business of Tconsult. We are very pleased with this fine cooperation with Spigraph and with Wesley!

Packaging flows visualized!

Visualizing packaging flows in a company that has been working the same way the last years is sometimes difficult to oversee within your own company. Work through a fixed method at the packaging administration, with the same people who have been at the company for many years. Or has there recently been great changes inemployees so there’s no clear view of internal responsibility. We have independent consultants who can look over and in the organization. By interviewing different people within the company and asking the right questions, we can get a clear view about how the packaging flows runs within the company and which areas that need some improvement. On the basis of these findings, we present an advisory report with possible solutions for the company. We are independent and have great expertise in the field of packaging flows. Curious about what we can do for your company? Request a consultation now or get in touch with us!

Consult request

Scangaroo user Messer speaking

Messer Benelux is recently started with the Scangaroo application. Messer produce and deliver industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium and speciality gases for medical purposes and has a wide range of gas mixtures. Messer’s motto is to respond to customer demand and provide tailor-made solutions. With the gases that Messer produces, they are at home in all markets. Frank van der Berg from Messer was introduced to Scangaroo through the regular transporter. Frank: ”The decision to start working with Scangaroo was taken quickly and we concluded the contract very soon. Crucial for this was the speed of action and the pleasant approach from Tconsult. The biggest advantage of using Scangaroo is that the papers such as triplets and CMR’s are quickly returned to the department that needs to process this. We are now able to speed up invoicing to customers. The drivers are able to send the papers themselves to the shipper without the intervention of the transporter or planner. This results in satisfied customers! ”



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