Newsletter Tconsult – Corona Update: How are we managing the crisis?

30 March 2020

In the Tconsult Corona Update Newsletter, we’ll discuss the following topics:

  • Support continues
  • Online intake and consult for packaging optimization
  • Webinars

We’re dealing with strange times, now that the coronavirus has captivated the entire world. We understand that there are many companies that are working very hard to survive the impact of the virus. There are also companies and people who now have a more time to take a closer look at certain processes. In these difficult times, Tconsult and TellApe would like to share their expertise with companies that can currently benefit from it. In addition, we are continuing to work from home and you can expect the services that we normally offer.


Support continues as usual!

Although we are not physically present at the office, our office is open. From home, we’re trying to maintain our existing service as good as we can. It may be necessary to reset a license, or if there are questions about a certain service we offer, we will take care of it for you. However, it may happen that hardware deliveries take longer than you are used to.

Even in these uncertain times, Tconsult and TellApe are ready to help you!


Online intake and consult

We would like to help companies that have more time to review business processes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tconsult is specialized in multi-use packaging and optimizing packaging processes. We would like to offer you the opportunity to plan a free online intake and consultation, so that your company can come out of this difficult period stronger in terms of packaging.

During the intake we will discuss the applicant’s current packaging process. Our consultant will also use a questionnaire to address a number of critical points in this process. At the end of the intake, an appointment will be made for a follow-up consultation. This consultation will be scheduled at least 3 hours after the intake. This gives the consultant time to prepare a report based on the questions that have been asked. During the follow-up consultation, the report will be discussed and explanations are given based on critical points. The personal report will be sent afterwards. For possible next steps after the intake and consult, please contact us.



To support companies, we will also present a number of webinars on multi-use packaging and related topics. Our first webinar about the VAR, or Value at Risk method, is on Thursday, April 1st. During this time, we will discuss critical points in the packaging process. We will also explain how you can determine the total value of your packaging flows. Then, we will discuss various packaging risks and finally, we will provide advice for the long and short term.

This and subsequent webinars will take place online on Thursdays, you can participate at 11.00 am and 3.30 pm. The webinars last a maximum of half an hour and there is, of course, also the possibility to ask questions. Sign up here!


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