Logistic consultancy what do you get?

24 May 2019

Imagine, you have a logistic problem in your company, but you have no idea how to tackle it. Maybe you are curious whether the work processes and agreements that are made internally actual are implemented? A consultant can do independent research within your company. A detailed report is provided with the findings and (possible) points for improvement.

Do you face the fact that you don’t know if the drivers or warehouse workers will follow up and implement your work processes? Here too, a consultant can be very effective and guide your employees step by step with the new workflow.

Experience at different companies shows that your own employee or trainee can be less effectively. Fewer critical questions are asked or socially desirable answers are given. A consultant will not give his opinion unless requested. He only observes what is actually happening, and advice on the basis of the established issues.

What results can a consultancy process have for your company and what is the real added value of an external consultant?

Tconsult has built many years of experience in the consultancy profession. There are several consultants at Tconsult who can help companies. Tconsult has knowledge of business processes, risk inventories, RTI registration and administration and project management during implementations. Whit an independent and neutral institution, they can gather information within the organization or execute projects.

What does a consultant deliver?

  • Insight into your business processes
  • Options and possibilities for optimizing your business processes
  • Understand how every employee works and thinks about the processes
  • New agreements within the company.

Insight into your business processes

A consultant from Tconsult get into a business process all the way from A to Z. Our consultants talk with employees at different levels within the company. Every employee who has a role in the business process is heard, but also the employees that are not involved in the business processes can be important. The required information is written on paper and then analysed. The complete report provides a great deal of insight into the business processes.

Options and possibilities for optimizing your business processes

The consultant talks to all important links within the company and therefore sees and hears many things. Sometimes employees of a company change their behaviour when management pass by or is on the work floor. Sometimes the employees work extra hard or suddenly execute processes according to the rules. Often they don’t work like this without supervision. This observation takes place when a consultant can analyse the process. Employees often also have very good ideas for optimizing the work processes. Various options for optimizing are included in the report.

Understand how everyone works with, and think about the processes

The consultants have conversations with many employees within the company. Work processes are discussed. How does someone act within the process and what could go better? If the company is explicitly interested in this information then, this will be the focus of the report that is delivered. The report is provided about the actions within certain processes and which possible improvements are noted in the workplace. This contains very valuable information, and the employees knows they being heard.

New agreements within the company

As a result of the delivered report, there are most likely new insights into the current business processes. To optimize these business processes, new agreements need to be made in the company. The consultant can help to subsequently and instruct these new agreements with employees. They can ensure that employees understand and implement the first steps into the new processes.


In short, there can be many benefits why you should hire a consultant. We start from the requirements of the customer. What does the customer want to know from us and what (end) result do they have in mind? What kind of outcome is the customer looking for? Together we make a project plan and define the challenge.

Curious what we can do for your company? We are happy to drink a cup of coffee and discuss the possibilities.

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