Consultancy – integral approach with a new customer

31 October 2019

Tconsult has developed its own procedure to analyze a client’s challenge. Therefore all relevant business processes within the client’s company will be reviewed. After reviewing, critical points in the processes become clear. This makes it an integral approach. Tconsult recommends how these pain points can be solved. If the customer wants Tconsult to implement these recommendations, this can be arranged.

Tconsult, consultancy firm

In recent years, Tconsult has specialized in load carrier consultancy. Ernst Tjaden has gained his expertise in former working experience as a branch manager at Ranzijn. Later, he became a reseller of a packaging administration system. Ernst successfully implemented this system at various of large companies. Therefore, he experienced that a software system cannot simply be implemented without edjusting the current workflow. A major process change is often needed to make optimum use of the software system used by the client. As a result, Tconsult has specialized in initiating and supervising process changes.

Consultancy project

Tconsult is focused in the load carrier process. This process is important for the following departments: logistics, transport, finance, purchase and sales. Load carriers often goes trough the entire company, this ensures that an integrated approach is needed for the desired results. Tconsult helps to analyse, design, improve and control the load carrier process. A positive side effect is that many sub-processes, such as transport and logistics, can be organized more efficiently.

Introduction and workshop

Our consultants would like to get in contact to discuss your challenge. We would like to do this with a cup of coffee. If we can help to solve your challenge, we will suggest a workshop. The ‘’key’’ employees of the company are brought together during this workshop. They are the most important figures within your company regarding the load carrier process. During the workshop we ask critical questions about the load carrier process. Following this, the discussion will be started. As s result of the workshop, a ‘’concise’’ problem description is presented and a proposal will follow to address the problem.

Risk inventory

During the risk assessment we look into the load carrier flows with two consultants. The flow is examined on paper and in practice. With the inventory we look where the company runs the greatest risks. Therefore we have developed our own VAR (Value At Risk). In order to get the best possible picture, we conduct discussions with various stakeholders of the company. If necessary, our consultants will discuss with external stakeholders such as suppliers, customers and transporters. Working agreements are examined and contract agreements are verified. This makes it clear where the greatest risks are regarding to the load carriers. At the end of the risk inventory, we present the report with all results.

This report will contain various recommendations, if applicable, for the short-term, medium-term and long-term. We will include the costs to resolve the load carrier challenge and how much it will cost the company if nothing is done with our recommendations. The recommendations are often bottlenecks regard to the load carrier process. All the recommendations will make a fundamental advice to control load carriers now and in the future.

Support at the bottlenecks

Bottlenecks prevent the company from being innovative and being efficiently organized. Consultants of Tconsult can help your company as well solving these bottlenecks due to their major experience in the field of load carrier management. We can have a supporting role in the process. We can also take the lead in the improvement process, to solve the bottlenecks. Sometimes the whole packaging process has to change. Agreements for the balance responsibility and contractual agreements with your counterparts have to be discussed. We can help you with these conversations with your employees and counterparts. Support you on the work procedures and make agreements with internal parties and employees. If desired, all start balances of load carriers can also be adjusted, so the benchmark is set with everyone.


If the entire load carrier process has been optimized, the next challenge occurs. Keep control of the load carrier process. Guaranteeing this process is important, this will reduce the loss of your load carriers. The company has more money to invest, for example, in other innovations. With the audit we will test and examine various risk areas and bottlenecks. This also includes checking whether all agreements are being accomplished and we monitor the process. This check also gives you more insight into the internal organization. We deliver a report at the end of the audit. This report will contain all results and recommendations, if applicable.

In short, Tconsult can handle the entire process of identification, analysis, implementation and monitoring. A part of this process can also be picked. It is often advisable to have an independent view at your organization of an external party. This gives you just different insights and the time to change the process is shorter. Of course, Tconsult treats the details of each organization confidentially.

Are you curious about what we can do for your organization? Contact us and we make an appointment to enjoy a cup of coffee and discuss your challenge.