5 areas where digitization is missing in logistics

23 February 2021

Digitization in logistics is extremely important, but this remains a tricky issue. Little attention is paid to it or it simply doesn’t happen. That is very strange, because a national survey by TLN into data and digitization in logistics shows that the sector is positive about digitization.

This research also revealed that lack of knowledge is an important reason not to invest in technology. However, this can easily be remedied, as there are various parties that have access to this knowledge and are happy to share it. Hence this blog by Tconsult, about “5 areas where digitization is missing in logistics”.

Did you know that the logistics sector is one of the top sectors in which the Netherlands excels worldwide? That is why it is extra important to maintain and strengthen this competitive position. The Netherlands can remain at the top and be ahead by responding to current trends and developments, among other things. It is also important to keep renewing and innovating in logistics.


Processing of documents

The first point where major gains can be made, is in document processing and administration. It will come as no surprise that keeping paper records is now very outdated. There are various reasons for this. For example, there are cheaper and more efficient digital solutions in existence, and a digital administration can be kept and updated everywhere. Additionally, a paper administration is of course not good for the environment.


Personnel administration

In logistics, people are increasingly asking themselves “How do I simplify my personnel administration?”. Nobody wants to do it, and yet it has to happen. In addition, it is also very nice to have everything in a simple overview. For example, matters such as remuneration and agreements regarding contracts can be made quickly and there is a stable basis for new employees. With an employee portal, you have a handy digital counter for all your personnel administration.

There are different types of software for managing personnel administration. This software often combines the aspects of salary and HR into a handy personnel overview. Moreover, it is cheaper to get started with a digital system yourself than to completely outsource the personnel administration.


Approval of transactions

Making and approving transactions is the last step in handling a transfer and also the last step before actually making money on the transfer. This makes it perhaps one of the most important aspects of business operations. It can therefore be very advantageous if these transactions take place digitally and you no longer have to wait for physical papers.

There are various options for digitally processing transactions. Transactions can be directly forwarded and stored via these solutions. In an online portal, these transactions can then easily be tracked and adjusted if necessary. It is also easy to share these transactions with the receiving party, so that they also have a digital copy of them.


Inventory management

Inventory management is an essential part of the logistics process. After all, it is important to ensure that you can supply enough goods or materials for production. Stock management is an umbrella term within logistics, and includes managing/controlling the incoming and outgoing flow of goods and the storage.

A warehouse management system is generally used for stock management. This can be an assisted or a directed WMS, where an assisted WMS still mainly consists of paper. Digital systems are of course more efficient and faster, and very extensive and advanced systems are now available. These systems also enable qualitative stock management, and have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into the software and hardware (robots).


Status and location updates

It is now the standard to send a Track-and-Trace code to customers with a shipment confirmation. The customer often has a great desire for this, but digital tracking and sending updates of a shipment also offers great benefits for the sender. It provides more certainty and Proof of Delivery afterwards. In addition, due to the real-time insights, the planning is a lot tighter for both parties. Fewer inquiries (by telephone) are received about the shipment, and processing is faster.

Tconsult has various solutions and services with which you can work towards a digital supply chain and optimize your processes. This includes applications to register and manage packaging, logistics consultancy and solutions for digitizing documents.

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