The idea
Creating a new app is a quite the process. It starts with an idea, an plan, the construction process and ends with a test phase. That is exactly how we did it as well. At the end of 2014 the idea derived to build a packaging app, owner Ernst Tjaden of the consultancy company Tconsult saw this as the ultimate solution for the consulting issues he was dealing with.

After the idea was fully elaborated, the construction process began with our technical partners. That went smoothly and fast and we were able to keep track of the progress on a weekly basis. Fascinating to see how an idea develops into something real. Last summer it was finally time, we had an app, a mvp, a version 0.0! A true success and almost immediately we started with a pilot group for a couple of weeks.

In the pilot, two different aspects were tested, both the application and the online portal. TellApe was tested by both the driver and the administration. After five weeks, we got the feedback back from the participants. Very positive!

Verdel Bloemenexport
Verdel Bloemenexport is a company that exports flowers and has established a unique shop-in-shop model in Germany and Denmark. With its own twenty cars they have daily international transport routes. The drivers deliver different flowers to both retailers and florists, of course in buckets on a Danish car, packaging!

A few years ago the packaging registration with Verdel improved when they started using a special packaging software. This step resulted in less packaging loss and much more insight. However, some guess work remained, as the transaction data was pre-entered instead of real-time. Changes, unloaded cargo and other circumstances often caused unexpected packaging situations. Therefore Verdel was looking for a way to better monitor and process packaging transactions. Verdel was looking for TellApe!

Jan Hoek, employee packaging registration at Verdel, enthusiastically started with the pilot. He instantly introduced four drivers to test the app and tested the online portal himself. He was surprised and impressed with all the possibilities offered by TellApe, while TellApe is so easy to use at the same time. About the app he said, “it takes some time to get used to, but it is not difficult, not even for a digital vagabond!” His drivers soon got to know how the app works. Jan himself was particularly impressed with the simplicity and overview of the display of the online portal. Clear and insightful, you will never lose packaging again, says Jan. Where does he see improvement? The ability to mail a confirmation of the transaction to the customer. We will work on that Jan!