Packaging management

Packaging management is not top of mind, but it is important for good business management. Packaging can represent monetary values within your company. Packaging flows can be better and more efficient. Tconsult has more than 15 years’ experience with packaging; packaging registration, packaging administration and packaging management. Tconsult is happy to help you with efficiency!


Packaging registration

Good packaging management starts with correct registration of the packaging. Know exactly on which points packaging comes in and who accepts the incoming goods with packaging. When is the freight checked and how is the registration of the incoming goods handled? Where in the company is packaging issue and who is responsible for the outgoing flow? All these steps have to be taken to have a good packaging registration. Tconsult likes to help with the process mapping and to highlight the points of improvement.


Packaging administration

Is packaging properly listed in the CMR or is a packaging voucher used? Is the CMR or packaging voucher correct with the actual situation? How does the CMR end up at the office administration, how much rime is left between this and how sure are you that every CMR or packaging voucher arrives at the office administration? Is there a packaging module in which amount and balances per customer and per location is defined? Tconsult has many years of experience and has already seen everything. Would you like to know where you can improve? Request a consultation now!


Packaging management

If the packaging registration goes well and the packaging administration is also processed correctly, what about the packaging management? Do you buy, rent or lease the packaging and can you do this more efficiently? Are you a member of an industry organization or do you still have a subsidiary? Tconsult likes to take part in various forms of cooperation so that the packaging can be arranged and save money. Curious about the options? Contact us now or request a consultation!

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Packaging administration that is not in order, many manual entries and reports that have to be compiled and checked with data from different systems and software packages. In short: little to no real-time over- and insight and a time-consuming and expensive job. Do you recognize this situation? Tconsult will gladly help you find a suitable and smart logistic solution!

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