Transporter distinguishes yourself!

4 September 2017

Transporter distinguishes yourself!

According to the calculations and visions of Rabobank, ABN AMRO and ING, things are going well with road transport. A growth of 3.5% is expected in 2018. This growth in road transport is mainly stimulated by the Retail and the expected growth is in construction. The demand from the ordinary consumer also requires more transport and logistics. Enough to do for the transporter!

Pay attention transporter, because 2018 will not necessarily be an easy year. With the Brexit and the refugee crisis, international transport can sometimes lead to difficult situations. Because how do you protect your drivers? Also important, how do you ensure that you have enough drivers? We can say that there is an acute shortage of good drivers in 2018. This shortage is of course partly due to the growth of road transport, but also due to the aging of drivers and the little interest of the youth in the driver profession.

In addition, the customer sets higher and higher requirements. Inspired by the experiences in the consumer world, where deliveries can be delivered within 12 hours at any location and time, the expectations of B2B customers also increase. Sustainability is a requirement, time limits are getting shorter and it becomes more difficult to manage customer expectations.

Tconsult has developed an application that makes it possible to share real-time information about loading and unloading cargo. You use Scangaroo in the truck, with an on-board computer, phone or tablet. Speaking of efficiency!

Efficiency is key!

The Netherlands is a perfect example of a logistic country. This also means experimenting with all sorts of new ways of transport. Think of truck-platooning, electric driving and 3D printing. Beautiful developments that will certainly bring about changes in the future. But does that stand in your way in 2018? I don’t think so.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid technologies. You must ensure that you have the right technology in the right place. Make 2018 the year of your customer, give the customer what it wants. The customer wants to be supported and has fairly basic requirements. The customer wants quick deliveries, fast and real-time transparent processes, clarity, minimal contact, efficiency and dynamics.

The customer wants to pay for that perfect service. Make it your goal of 2018 to understand your customer and compete on service instead of price. Service starts with a fool proof process. A fool proof process is fully equipped efficiently. This efficiency will ensure that the daily processes run better and makes room for innovation. Innovation that you can use to serve your customers even better. Efficiency is key!


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