Logistic Solutions

23 October 2019



Logistic solutions of Tconsult

Tconsult is the expert in smart logistics solutions. Our business consultants offer tools for logistic innovation and help companies to design, analyze, improve and control the supply chain. Tconsult’s consultants have many years of experience in Supply chain management and search together for the best solution for your company. In addition, Tconsult offers various logistical software solutions to optimize, streamline and automate business processes. Tconsult offers in particular, solutions concerning the transport item flows and financial flows, and the integration of TMS and on-board computer.

Print Panther

Print Panther is the advanced mobile printing solution that controls compact printers on on-board computers, tablets and smartphones. The app Print Panther gives the transport planner the possibility to provide the driver with all the necessary documents. This saves time and avoids unnecessary kilometres for the driver and ensures all required documents are always available.

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Scangaroo is the advanced mobile scanning solution that controls compact document scanners on on-board computers, tablets, and smartphones. The app Scangaroo accelerates and digitalises administrative flows, allowing you to send an invoice earlier and avoid paperwork hassle.

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RTI means Real Time Information. Proces and manage digital document flows. All scanned documents can be automatically processed. The Optical Character Recognition software allows you to directly read out handwritten and typed documents. It is converted into digitally and editable documents. Administration is getting a more controlling and monitoring roll instead of entering everything manually.  Currious about this solution?


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