Who is Marjolein Bloem ?

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” - Socrates

Marjolein Bloem

Inside Sales

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My part-time job as a commercial assistant alongside my law study at the university made me realise this is the future for me. From this role I grew into a role as an accountmanager and then a sales manager, where I could really use my passion of professionalize processes and optimize departments. I came in contact with Ernst and Geert and their enthusiasm infected me. Therefore I can now call myself a happy member of the Tconsultcrew.


In my role at Tconsult I try to translate my acquired sales knowledge to solutions for this interesting market. Thanks to my experience with processes I hope to be able to advice our customers how to set up and/or optimize their own (logistic) process.


My family! I love to support the sport activities of the kids and try to be sportive myself as well. But I will admit it immediately: I love a good book or a nice drink with friends as well. And I’m always in for a journey to discover new and exciting places!


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