Who is Linda Stoevelaar ?

Quote: “Challenge yourself and pursue your dreams only then you achieve your goals"


Linda Stoevelaar

Product owner

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During my training Small Business and Retail Management a teacher already said that I would later end up in logistics. After my graduation, I have been in training for the Code95. The no-nonsense culture within transport and logistics really appeals to me. After a search for a challenging job where I would feel at home, I came in contact with Ernst. Because of his enthusiastic story about Tconsult I knew immediately that I see myself working here for a long period.


For Tconsult I am working on creative campaigns to create more brand awareness and interest among (new) customers. Do you want to stay informed of all developments at Tconsult? Please contact us!


I work out after working hours! I love to take my mind off me by putting all my energy into sports. I am fanatic in sports competition swimming, water polo and horse riding.


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