Who is Joey Fremouw ?

“Passion is what gets you through the hardest times that might otherwise make strong men weak, or make you give up.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Joey Fremouw

Junior Marketer

Joey Fremouw op LinkedIn


In 2017 I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology. Although I studied psychology, I experienced a marketing renaissance (rebirth). In my younger years I followed the accelerated MBO study Marketing and Communication. At the time, I learned traditional marketing strategies, such as offline advertising. However, with the arrival of the ‘internet’ the world of marketing has changed drastically. The ‘rebirth’ I experienced is a product of the changing world. After obtained my Psychology degree I retrained myself as a Marketer. Since February 2019 I started a new challenge, namely: Tconsult.


A simplistic definition of marketing is ‘market-getting’. As a marketer you want to obtain more ‘market’. Every day I am occupied with the marketing of our products and services. To achieve this goal, I work mainly on increasing the brand awareness of Tconsult, Print Panther, Scangaroo and TellApe.


If I am not at the office, you can find me in the gym or with some friends. I train at least three times a week. I like to combine strength with cardio training. Furthermore, when I am with friends I like undertake activities with them. I also like photography and traveling. My camera is my best friend during long journeys and city trips. Finally, I am a self-taught; I like to teach myself new skills and am very interested in the world around me.


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